Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa

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It is our pleasure to present to you a summary of ICANNWiki’s program to enhance local content and engagement in East Africa. This work was accomplished in a few short months and has grown rapidly. It was with Amazon's support that we were able to identify local needs, provide funding for general event expenses and develop a program that was educational, sustainable and scalable. Stakeholders in East Africa are now able to refine their connections to the Internet governance space and making it theirs. Without Amazon's support, this world we know as the Internet governance and policy space would be less rich, diverse and empowered. Thank you for your support of our project.


After ICANN 55 in Marrakech, a number of stakeholders from ICANN’s Fellow and NextGen programs expressed a desire to replicate the Edit-a-thon in their home countries. Specifically, Bonface Witaba (ICANN Fellow, Kenya), Oyewole Oginni (NextGen, Cameroon) and Matogoro Jabhera (NextGen, Tanzania) approached our team to build home-grown events that would incorporate local ICTs as well as ICANN with an aim to broaden awareness of relevant topics within the Internet governance space.

Internet Governance Youth Community Workshop - University of Dodoma

Much like the ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon itself, the events unfolded in a granular fashion. Two small events were held in Nairobi, Kenya, where Bonface Witaba explained the project and its goals. These two events had relatively small participation, but set the stage for our event at the University of Dodoma which had a fantastic turn-out. Event details are as follows:

Event Activities:

Number of Participants: 40

Number of Active Editors: 22

Number of New Translated to Swahili: 138

Number of Articles Edited in Total: 145

Event Partners:

Event Images:

Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa Enhancing Engagement in ICANN in East Africa

Local Media Coverage & Coordinator Presentation Videos

Nairobi Events

Held June 16, 2016 at the Paris Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

The overarching aim was to translate and contribute articles through the one day Edit-a-thon session. The Edit-a-thon managed to attract 16 participants (most of whom had attended the previous ICANNWiki workshop that was held earlier on 6th June).

Participants worked on a minimum of at-least 5 articles each (a total of 100 article stubs for the day were completed).

Next Steps

Following the successful edit-a-thon event, the facilitators will be working on a glossary of terms to be translated at a possible 3rd edit-a-thon session ahead of the Tanzania capacity building workshop.

Strathmore University (Nairobi) has expressed interest in hosting the events for a period of 6-12 months i.e. 1 workshop per month (for their university students).

The university will offer a room that can accommodate 30-50 participants, with free Wi-Fi, and an aide/resource person. ICANNWiki's role will be to facilitate the edit-a-thon as well as cater for meals/refreshments at affordable student rates (at the students’ caféteria).

Strathmore University Event

Event Details

Held September 16, 2016 Opened by: Mr. Chris Momanyi, ICANN Fellow and Strathmore University Lecturer

The primary objective of the workshop was to build a community of ICANNWiki Swahili translators and contributors. The workshop attracted 25 participants, all Strathmore university students. Students were taught how to navigate ICANNWiki platform; start new articles, edit articles, search for articles.

A total of 35 new articles were created on the platform, with the top two contributors (5 articles each) getting free .ke domains and 1 year hosting from KENIC.

Participants also received ICANNWiki merchandise (T-shirts) (see annex III – Event photos) KENIC presented branded .ke notebooks and pens to the participants. The workshop was officially closed by our host Mr. Chris Momanyi at 16:00.

Participant Feedback & Recommendations

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Chris Momanyi recommended that Strathmore university host ICANNWiki once a month for edit-a-thon sessions with the students (for up to a year) in the quest to help achieve the set 2000 articles target out of the total 10,000 milestone. Mr. Momanyi urged the students to strive to contribute 5 articles on average per edit-a-thon,and 1 article a week.

The students were delighted with the ICANNWiki ambassadors programme, the contributors reward plan, and vowed to meet the various set targets to be eligible for certificates, community manager/administrator status. Additionally, some students requested that ICANNWiki starts an “internship programme” that can contribute towards their academic credit, and or open up job opportunities within ICANN/ICANNWiki space. One student from Zambia (Brian Phiri) requested that ICANNWiki launch a project in Chichewa language for the benefit of the Zambian audience.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity to expand Internet governance in East Africa!

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