Fabricio Pessoa

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Affiliation: AXUR
Country: Brazil
Email: fabrizziopessoa[at]gmail.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Fabricio Pessoa

Fabricio Pessoa works at AXUR, a company that looks for illegal content on the web and tries to remove it without taking judiciary action. Since 2013, he has been the BRM of the organization. His roles include researching and participating in forums and events, to locate the ways in which he can collaborate and engage in security aspects of the internet so that the web can become safer for Axur's customers and the information society as a whole.[1][2]

He is involved with ICANN as a member of FIRST and M3AAWG. He is also a member of LACNIC and a part of LAC-Csirts, which is a group of Csirts in the Latin American and Caribbean region.[1]

ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires was his first ICANN Meeting, where he was an ICANN Fellow. He attended his first ICANN meeting with the hopes of better understanding how he can engage and contribute more to the community.[1]

One of his proudest life achievements is being a father. Regarding his future accomplishments, he says, "I always try to leave something good and relevant for other people. May it be life values, ways of thinking and things that make people reflect on the real goal of life. I believe that 'immortality' is not about living forever but about making sure the best life values you have been passed on to people around you so that these people pass them along to people around them and, eventually, we have a better world :)"[1]


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