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Type: Association
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2002
Headquarters: San Francisco
Country: USA
Key People
Amy Cadagin, Executive Director

The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) is an industry association that works against Botnet Attacks, Malware, Spam, viruses, DoS Attacks, and other forms of DNS exploitation.[1]

This ISP association was founded in 2002 and is concerned with messaging traffic, malware, mobile spam. It has 260 member organizations, and there are generally 300 participants at each meeting. It is not a lobbying group but it does provide advice to governments. For instance, the association researches best practices, like securing gateway devices, and was involved in the development of the London Action Plan. M3AAWG has collaborated with AFAAWG, which was founded in 2021, and AfrCERT; JPAAWG to improve SMS, email in prep for Olympics, and issues unique to Japan; and LACAAWG, which was founded in 2017 and has 26 representatives. Most members are from North America or the EU, but some are from Asia and South America.[2]


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