Guang Hao Li

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Country: China
Email: liguanghao [at]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Guang Hao Li

Guang Hao Li is currently the Deputy Director of Administrative Office at CNNIC, where he is in charge of international cooperation and legal & policy affairs. Guang Hao actively participates in supporting IDN TLDs within ICANN, and is interested in many policy-related issues.[1]

Career History

Prior to the position of Deputy Director, he was the head of International affairs within CNNIC. Before Guang Hao Li joined CNNIC he worked as vice GM at Talent Technology Ltd. Beijing, an SME company that provides business information solutions. He also held the Director of International Cooperation position in Topgem Educational Group in China, and a position as a business analyst at American Express.


Guang Hao Li is a participating author of "China Internet Development Report 2005", and the translator in chief for CNNIC's statistical survey reports.


Guang Hao has a master's degree in Ecommerce from Utah State University.