HAMAL oussama

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Organization: IGF, ISOC, IGMENA
Affiliation: GNSO, I* Organization
Region: Africa
Country: Morocco
Email: hamal.oussama@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.png   HAMAL oussama
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   HAMAL oussama
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @https://twitter.com/hamal_oussama

Dr. HAMAL Oussama has a Ph.D. from the Mohammadia School of Engineering (EMI), and he has international experience in France. And work at some projects as (Smart City/Campus & BIM/CIM & Artificial Intelligence AI..) Research and Development (R&D). Actually, he works as an Adjunct Professor.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

First ICANN 55 Participation Marrakech Morocco, March 2016. CEO NGO Guest Speaker: on Radio about “social media and its impact on society” case of Morocco, January 2016. Guest Speaker at the Fourth Edition of the Arab Internet Governance Forum AIGF4, Beirut-Lebanon, under the umbrella of the ESCWA-UN: I had the chance to contribute as a speaker about " the opportunities and challenges regarding sustainable development achievement through social capital. " Moroccan case, December 2015.


Online capacity building program on Internet Governance Middle East special edition organized by Hivos Program IGMENA in collaboration with DiploFoundation, September to November 2015.


https://www.igmena.org/index.php?p=623 https://www.igmena.org/2015-Arab-IGF-Report-Workshop-on-Social-Capital-Through-the-Social-Networks-and-Mechanisms-to-Sustainable-Development-Stimulation