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Type: Privately held (SAS)
Industry: Registry
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: 10 rue de la Paix

75002 Paris

Country: France
Products: .med
Email: office[at]hexap.com
Website: aboutdotmed.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@dot_med
Key People
Raphaëlle Laubie, co-Founder/President/CEO

Jérôme Lipowicz, founder

HEXAP SAS is a french limited liability company that has been founded by health care professionals who have sworn by the Hippocratic Oath, setting the duties of qualified professionals with patients and respect for colleagues. They worked with over 12.000 entities and leading healthcare providers over these last 30 years, including but not limited to Councils, Medical Colleges, Academics, medical publishers, scientific organizations, medical suppliers, industries, web 2.0 communities, health care social media platforms, hospitals, and universities.

Their .med gTLD application is guided by the sense of ethics that HEXAP's founders have consistently demonstrated in their business dealings, and reinforced by the technical expertise renowned among partners and clients. With its sister company PROMOPIXEL, they are running since 2009 SMALLREGISTRY, a domain name registry platform for regulated occupations and allowing members of the medical profession in France to register domain names in second level domains (medecin.fr -for physicians, chirurgiens-dentistes.fr -for dentists, and pharmacien.fr -for pharmacists).

Furthermore, HEXAP SAS's founders are medical practitioners who are unaffiliated with any medical or pharmaceutical company or organization. This continuous commitment guarantees that this .med gTLD application will be operating independently from influences from industry.


HEXAP SAS's mission and purpose for the .med gTLD are threefold: [1]

  1. federate certified and licensed practitioners in the health care sector under a clear, common, and easy to remember identifier on the Internet;
  2. provide stakeholders within the health care sector with a platform on which they can disseminate information in relation to medical topics, and offer products and services to businesses, consumers and, more in particular, patients;
  3. provide Internet users in general, looking for genuine and reliable medical information, products and services with a clear and unambiguous identifier which provides them access to such information.

The missions of its .med application are the international transpositions of what HEXAP SAS founders have achieved these last years in collaboration with the French medical Colleges with respect of their ethical codes.


Relying on the unparalleled experience of HEXAP SAS's predecessors and founders in providing Internet-based solutions for the health care sector, HEXAP SAS intends its .med to be a community-based gTLD. For this matter, the applicant is appointed and supported[2] by various organizations representing many sectors, sub-sectors and branches of the health care work forces and industry. Furthermore, these supports come from both traditional institutions and the Internet web 2.0 communities from abroad: the .med application thus brings together different generations and cultures of medical stakeholders.

The list of endorsements received by HEXAP SAS is available [1] on its website as well as in the application.

Domain name eligibility

.med is a comprehensive zone that includes all licensed professionals with specific rules per country. These health professionals are not only limited to physicians and doctors but include a wide although limited range of health providers and stakeholders. Thus, a list of eligible registrants has been determined for the .med TLD, which takes into account regional particularities, legal specifications and licensing procedures, and considers different national regulations regarding some medical practices. Specific restrictions will be implemented for a limited list of occupations that are not recognized nor authorized by the relevant Council or competent Ministry of the country for specific registrants eligible for .med. Defined in the .med gTLD policies, these lists will be produced by HEXAP SAS's Medical Clearinghouse which communicates with the Registry Back-End Operator for verifying and approving domain name creations, renewals and transfers. [3] [4]

The Medical Clearinghouse is supervised by HEXAP SAS's scientific council, which is consulted for providing guidelines with the help of relevant stakeholders in matters of ethics, lack of local regulation or if a questionable domain name registration occurs.

Members of the designed community are classified in two categories:

  1. Practitioners: These qualified health and health associate professionals are defined by the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO), 2008 revision 8 (ISCO-08), which forms part of the international family of economic and social classifications of the United Nations and is mapped by the World Health Organization. All these licensed professionals are regulated by health departments, ministries, boards, councils and orders. Eligible registrants include the following (Alternative occupation names and subcategories do apply to fit regional features):
    • Physicians: Qualified health and health associate professionals as defined in Q20a. Must provide a license identification from the relevant health Agency, Board, Council, Order or College:
      • Generalist medical practitioners
      • Specialist medical practitioners
    • Nursing professionals
    • Midwifery professionals
    • Traditional and complementary medicine professionals
    • Paramedical practitioners
    • Dentists
    • Pharmacists
    • Environmental and occupational health and hygiene professionals
    • Physiotherapists
    • Dietitians and nutritionists
    • Audiologists and speech therapists
    • Optometrists and opthalmic opticians, orthoptists
    • Chiropractors, Osteopaths
  2. Entities: This group is composed of licensed health care providers, professional associations and health-related organizations:
    • Facilities: hospitals, clinics, maternity hospitals, medical nursing homes, geriatric cares facilities, dialysis centers, blood transfer and blood donation centers, ambulances.
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Medical Libraries, medical schools and universities.
    • Scientific and academic publishers, public health journals
    • Academies, Boards, Orders, Colleges, Government-related councils and public health administrations
    • Professional associations and unions


HEXAP SAS is not the only company applying for the .med TLD, however it is the only applicant left [5] seeking community status.