Helga Krüger

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Organization: http.net
Affiliation: GNSO
Stakeholder Group(s): Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Region: Europe
Country: Germany
Email: h.krueger [at] http.net

LinkIcon.png   http://www.http.net

Facebook: Facebook.png   Helga Krüger
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Helga Krüger
ICANNLogo.png Has attended 10+
ICANN Meetings

Helga Krüger is a honorary member of the Executive Board of DENIC[1]. She is also the CEO of http.net Internet GmbH, a Registrar.[2]

Krüger has attended 6+ ICANN meetings, including ICANN 49 in Singapore. She is involved with the ccNSO.[2]


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