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Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Katrinartuni 2, 18. floor

105 Reykjavík

Country: Iceland
Key People
Jens Petur Jensen, CEO

Marius Olafsson, CTO

ISNIC or Internet Iceland Ltd. is the organization which manages the .is ccTLD for Iceland. It was originally formed in 1987, though it was incorporated in 1995 on the basis of two organizations, SURIS and ICEUUG.[1]

The very first .is domain, (the domain of University of Iceland) was however registered on December 11, 1986 which makes it one of the oldest domains in the world.[1]

ISNIC also operates an Internet exchange point, for domestic IP interconnections in Iceland. RIX is run non-profit by the company for speeding up the internet exchange in Iceland for the benefit of the Icelandic Internet community.[1]


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