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General Information
Type: ALS
Country: India
Region: AP



ISOC India Trivandrum Chapter (ISOC-TRV) is the fifth ISOC Chapter in India, and serves the State of Kerala on the lower South-West Coast of India. The Chapter was incorporated in 2015 with interim office bearers, and the initial office bearers took office in April 2016. The current office bearers (as of April 2017) are:

  • Satish Babu (Chair)
  • R. Srinivasan (Vice Chair)
  • Ranjit Nair (Secretary)
  • Sabarinath Pillai (Treasurer)

ISOC-TRV is an active chapter, and is an accredit APRALO ALS. ISOC-TRV was instrumental in organizing the first India School of Internet Governance (inSIG 2016) jointly with ISOC Delhi.

The Founder-Chair of ISOC-TRV, Satish Babu, took charge as the Chair of APRALO of ICANN from Nov 2016.