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The Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) is a program by ICANN aiming to increase accessibility to content on the ICANN website by rebuilding ICANN’s technical infrastructure and implementing a new information architecture with clear content governance processes.[1] The initiative aims to provide relevant content in the six United Nations (UN) languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish) and improve site navigation. The ITI also has the goals of bettering search capabilities, mobile and tablet content, and accessibility for people with disabilities.[2]

The components of the ITI include a feedback site, improving and extending the ICANN term glossary, and completing an audit of website content.[3]


ICANN audit began in November 2017 and continued until August 2018.[4]

ICANN released its feedback site regarding ITI in March 2018.[5] The feedback site provided a space for the ICANN community to comment on first drafts of changes.

Relation to Open Data Initiative (ODI)

ITI is commonly confused with the Open Data Initiative (ODI). The main difference between the two is that ITI deals with information transparency of website content and documents whereas ODI deals only with raw data. ITI calls for a new DMS and CMS to rebuild technical infrastructure and information management, and ODI calls for a new data publishing platform.[6]