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Internet of Things (IoT) is anything that can be given an IP address or unique identifier with the ability to transfer information over a network via cloud computing and data gathering sensors.[1] This data transfer would not require human to human contact and mostly relies on machine to machine (M2M) contact mitigated by sensors. [2]

Uses and Examples

In a sponsored article, Wired Magazine outlined how building bridges and other integral infrastructure with "smart cement", using sensors involved in M2M would result in superior, more thorough tracking of bridge quality and strength. This could potentially alert engineers to any issues with structural integrity--ensuring the ability to monitor cracks and stresses. [3]


Evgeny Morozov[4], a Belarusian writer, researcher and critic of the Internet and its development as a commercial entity, has explored the use of IoT as an apparatus of the state. In an article for The Guardian, the writer describes the success of digital tracking as a proxy for surveillance and policing of citizens. [5]