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Country: Brazil

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Jaime (Barreiro) Wagner is an entrepreneur and an engineer by training. He served as the ISPC Representative to the GNSO Council, is a Board Member and ISPs Representative at CGI,[1] and is President at Plug In. He is also the Founder PowerSelf Ltd.[2] His term on the GNSO ended after ICANN Senegal.[3]

Career History

Mr. Wagner has worked at several companies as President and Director. He has also served as a board member in many groups. His past appointments include:

  • Member of the Board of ACPA/Federasul
  • Coordinator of the Technology Division Federasul
  • Director of InternetSul[4]
  • Member of the Board of Sucesu-RS
  • Member of the Board of SEPRORGS
  • Board member, Vice President, President of Junior Achievement-RS
  • Professor at the Institute of Informatics, UFRGS
  • Director of ABICOMP

He has founded Digitel SA, SA Altus, Training Inc., Presenta Ltd. and Powerself Ltd.[5]


Wagner is the Author of "The Art of Planning Time" and "The Delivery Man of Dreams - Reflections of an Entrepreneur".[6]


Wagner holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Computer Science from UFRGS.[7]


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