Jim Reid

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Country: USA
Email: jim@telnic.org

Jim Reid is the DNS Architect at TelNic.[1] Jim was also the founding member of the Interim Policy Advisory Group of TelNic. TelNic manages the .tel TLD.

Jim is deeply involved with RIPE. He is the Co-Chair of the DNS Working Group at RIPE. He was responsible for starting the RIPE's ENUM Working Group. Jim also served three years as a Board Member at RIPE NCC.[2]

Jim owns a consulting company which specializes in DNS technologies, registries and Internet governance. He is also the Founding Director of UKEC, a company which oversees the use of ENUM in UK.[3]

Jim consults for the Internet Systems Consortium. He also serves as a Company Secretary to a non-profit called 6UK.

Jim Reid has attended the ICANN Cairo,[4] Los Angeles,[5] and San Juan.[6]

Jim has a made a presentation about the working of .tel at the RIPE 57th meeting.[7]


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