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Ken Bour is a consultant for ICANN.

Past Experience

  • District Manager at AT&T, 23 years working in finance, software development and sales compensation.
  • President at Netvantage for 12 years, a company that Mr. Bour sold in October, 2007 to a private equity firm.[1]

Ken Bour and the activity within ICANN

Mr. Bour joined ICANN in 2008 to provide assistance for an organizational development process for the Generic Names Supporting Organization. Mr. Bour's responsibilities relate to providing expertise in technical and managerial areas. Besides this project, Mr. Bour is also involved in other initiatives in developing new procedures and offfering professional advice in various design alternatives. [2]


  • University of Maryland
  • The College of William and Mary, The Mason School of Business, MBA
  • George Washington University [3]