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Country: Tunisia
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   Khaled Koubaa
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   Khaled Koubaa
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Khaled Koubaa is an internationally renowned digital policy expert and the founder and CEO of AT Worthy Technology, Inc., where he invented the "Digital Worthiness" concept that serves as the foundation for the AT Worthy Digital Rating system. Additionally, Khaled is the Founder and President of Digital Policy International Network, an organization dedicated to professionals, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and anyone with an interest in the realm of digital policy.

With extensive experience at the intersection of business, technology, and governance, Khaled has held significant leadership roles at major industry players like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google. His expertise in Internet policy has also led him to serve on the board of directors for the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the board of trustees for the Internet Society (ISOC), the board of directors of AfriNIC, and as a member of the UN's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group. Additionally, Khaled has been part of the advisory council for the Public Interest Registry and the World Bank Group Council on Civic Engagement.

As a dynamic, creative, and forward-thinking leader, Khaled continues to make invaluable contributions to the field of Internet policy and strives to shape the role of the Internet in world affairs.


Khaled is the Founder and CEO of AT Worthy Technology where he focuses on enhancing the way businesses measure their digital customer experience. Under his leadership, AT Worthy has introduced the "@s" rating system, which complements traditional "⭐" ratings, reflecting a company's dedication to providing an exceptional online experience for their customers. He takes pride in developing the "Digital Worthiness" concept, which encourages businesses to invest in their digital customer interactions. In his role as a tech startup founder, he is responsible for setting the company's strategic direction, managing product development, and fostering valuable partnerships. A key aspect of his responsibilities involves building a strong, talented team to drive innovation and success at AT Worthy.

Previously, Khaled worked at Meta as Public Policy Lead and previous to that as Head of Government Relations and Public Policy for the MENA region at Google.[1]

Khaled has technical, management, and policy experience on the Internet with more than 20 years of international experience; public-speaking experience and familiarity with Internet technologies and the policy and political environments that surround them; and advice on strategic issues involving the intersection of business, technology, and public policy on the Internet, Domain Names, IP Addresses, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

As an independent consultant, he worked for the non-profit and government sectors in the Middle East and Africa, promoting best practices in the use of information technology and providing strategic advice regarding how to choose and use the Internet and Social Media.

Internet Governance

Khaled served as member of the UN's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group from 2020 to 2022 representing the private sector. Previous to that he served as an ICANN Board of Directors member elected by the ICANN NomCom for a three years term from 2016 to 2019[2]. As a board member, Khaled covered took several responsibilities:

  • Chair of the Organizational Effectiveness Committee,
  • Member of the Finance Committee,
  • Member of the Board-Governments Working Group,
  • Member of the Internet Governance Working Group.

Khaled founded the Internet Society Tunisia chapter in 2006 and served as its President. He has also served on the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society[3] and regularly attends Internet-related events (ICANN, IETF, IGF). He was elected to represent the African region in the ICANN Nomination Committee[4], and also serves on the Board of Directors of AfriNIC[5], representing the North African region. Khaled participated in Internet Governance Forums in 2008, 2009, and 2012.


Khaled holds a Master’s Degree in Electronic Commerce and International Procurement from Ecole Supérieure de l'Economie Numérique. He has developed in-depth knowledge in public policy and IT issues affecting the United States by attending programs and earning certifications at Harvard, MIT, University of Southern California, and Syracuse University.[6]

Current Involvements

A full list of Khaled past and current involvements available at his web site[7]

  • ICANN Board of Directors member
  • Member of the Advisory Council for Citizen Engagement at the World Bank Group
  • North Africa IGF NomCom member