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Country: USA
Email: lauren.allison [at]
LinkedIn: link=Lauren Allison   [Lauren Allison Lauren Allison]
ICANNLogo.png Currently ICANN Staff

Lauren Allison has been a Development and Public Responsibility Program Manager at ICANN since May 2014.[1] She was previously with ICANN as a Project Assistant in Public Responsibility Programs from November 2013 to May 2014.[2]

ICANN 50 in London 2014 was Allison's first ICANN conference, and she has specific interests in Education, Internet Governance, and Development. Her proudest life achievement was being a Fulbright Scholar from 2012 to 2014. She also speaks a very rare dialect of English called "Norn Iron", which causes her "to pronounce a lot of words with some exotic flair."[1]

She has a Master's in Public Diplomacy from the University of Southern California.[2]


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