Maarten Simon

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Organization: SIDN
Affiliation: ccNSO
Region: Europe
Country: Netherlands
ICANNLogo.png Currently a member

Maarten Simon is SIDN's Legal & Policy Manager and Company Secretary and the ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO Council.

Career History

Simon has worked for SIDN for 14 years.

From 2007 to 2012, Simon provided General Counsel for SIDN on issues related to domain name policy, rules and regulations, corporate and contract law, privacy. He was the Organiser of National Domain Name Debates (multistakeholder discussions on aspects of the .nl domain name policy), instrumental in setting up the .nl Registrar Association, and a member of the working group that drafted the Dutch National Notice and Take Down Code of Conduct.

Since 2013, Simon has been SIDN's Legal & Policy Manager and Company Secretary. As such, he reports directly to the CEO and acts as head of the legal team, working on corporate and contract law, internet-related laws, and privacy; manages political and governmental relations and public affairs; and represents SIDN in national and international organizations, such as ICANN, CENTR, and IGF.

Since March 2020, Simon has been a deputy judge in the Central Netherlands District Court, participating in civil law court hearings and judgments following those hearings.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Since March 2019, Simon has been the ccNSO liaison to the GNSO Council[1] and a member of the ccPDP on Review Mechanism Working Group (ccPDP-RM).[2]


Simon studied Law at Grotius Academie and Utrecht University and Public Affairs at Leiden University.