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Country: Belgium
Email: domain-admin[at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Marc Van Wesemael

Marc Van Wesemael is the CEO of EURid, the TLD operator for .eu. He has expressed optimism about .eu and looks forward to its great success with IDNs, although he is concerned that IDN implementation might be tricky, as there would be a lot of chances for misconception in alphabets of similar laguages.[1]

Besides mainly working in internet industry, he has worked in software and telecom industries as a Consultant and in Marketing and General Sales as a Manager. Prior to joining EURid, Van Wesemael served as General Manager at DNS Belgium for more than 10 years, ending in September 2009.[2] Marc also worked with for over 15 years.[3]


Mr. Van Wesemael attended Ghent University for his Engineering in Electronics. Afterwards he did his MBA a Lessius Management School.[4]


Marc participates in ICANN Meetings on the behalf of EURid.[5] He also attended the ICANN-ISOC joint ccTLD tutorial in Bulgaria in October, 2006.[6]


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