Mariana Balboni

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Country: Chile
Email: mariana.balboni [at]
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Mariana Balboni is the Coordinator of the Observatory for the Latin American & Caribbean Information Society in the ECLAC, United Nations.

Career History

Prior to joining the ECLAC, she worked as the Manager of the Center of Studies at[1] For two years, she was the Project Manager at Cidade do Conhecimento. Earlier in her career, Ms. Balboni was a Partner at Interactive Communication. She has also worked at AOL Brazil in the Capacity of a Product Manager, at IDG Brazil as a Sub-editor and as a Reporter at RNT.[2]

Mariana was a speaker at the Fifth[3] and Sixth Regional Workshop on Information Society Measurement in Latin America and the Caribbean[4] She was a moderator at the SESSION: THE ROAD AHEAD at LAC IGF PREP - Quito, 2010.[5]


PhD, Sciences of Communication, University of Sao Paulo, 2008 Masters, Sciences of Communication, University of Montreal, 1999 Bachelors, Communication and Journalism, University of Sao Paulo, 1999[6]