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This meta space for ICANNWiki Content Planning lists resources and concepts that are being worked on or need work performed in them.

Content Guide for ICANNWiki

Please refer to the article Meta:Content Guide for ICANNWiki.

Data sources

Trusted sources

Useful sources


The contents of the templates below are presented for reference only and may not reflect their live version due to these not being directly extracted from the current source of the templates.

Template:Articles needing attention

This article needs attention. Please help improve it by revising it in a manner consistent with ICANNWiki's content guidelines. Pay particular attention to matters such as maintaining a neutral point of view and properly sourcing information.

Template:Candidates for deletion

This article has been marked for deletion, most likely due to not following ICANNWiki's content guidelines. Without undergoing substantial changes, it will eventually be removed by our content managers.

Template:Major articles parallel with Wikipedia

This article concerns a major concept that exist in the English version of Wikipedia, which you can read by clicking here. However, it has been deemed beneficial to have an independent version of it in ICANNWiki.

ICANNWiki feature documentation

All users

  • Video embedding
    • Provided via Extension:EmbedVideo.
    • Usage: {{#ev:service|id|dimensions|alignment|description|container|urlargs|autoresize|valignment}}
    • Example: {{#ev:youtube|mQr3zTKvnyE}} embeds a Youtube video of ICANN 40's opening press conference.
  • Audio embedding
    • Built-in via MediaWiki.
    • Usage: [[File:Filename.extension|Caption]] (Incomplete?)
    • Example: [[File:Test.mp3|Test]] embeds a media player for the file.
  • Mathematics
  • Show a template without invoking its categories
    • Provided via Extension:Scribunto
    • Usage: {{#invoke:ShowTemplateContent|showTemplate|TEMPLATE NAME}}
    • Example: {{#invoke:ShowTemplateContent|showTemplate|Template:Articles needing attention}}

SysOps and devs

Wiki resources