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Country: Australia

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Michael Gilmour is the CEO of Simcast Media, owner of ParkLogic, and the writer of the blog, "Whizzbangsblog".

Past Experiences

Michael Gilmour's first job was with Melbourne House, as part of the team that developed the games "Lord of the Rings" and "Mugsy's Revenge"; he later worked on an early version of Nintendo. [1]

Later on, he created an online psychographic marketing that was used by a popular TV program for broadcasting alert messages directly to people's PCs. But, due to an unfortunate event, he lost all his investment and had to close the business.[2]

Current Projects

The idea for the ParkLogic network came after Michael participated as a speaker in the DomainFest Global conference; there he noticed that many people weren't maximizing the benefits offered by their domains. He subsequently developed ParkLogic.com with David Gibbs.[3]

Another important project is Whizzbangsblog, a blog on which Michael initially wrote articles on domaining from a very technical point of view. Today, it is a community of domainers that share their experiences and contribute articles. The blog's name derives from Michael's nickname as a child: whizzbang.[4]

Michael is the CEO of Simcast Media, an online platform built for a company's clients and their customers. Customers find more information about the companies they're interested in. Simcast is an accredited registrar of ICANN. [5].


  • Royal Victorian Aero Club
  • Monash University
  • Latrobe University