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Type: Private, For-Profit Corporation
Founder(s): Michael Gilmour
David Gibbs
Facebook: Company Profile
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ParkLogic

ParkLogic is a web platform that allows domain owners to optimize and manage their domains.[1]

About the Company

ParkLogic was founded by Michael Gilmour in collaboration with David Gibbs in Melbourne, Australia. The concept for ParkLogic came to to Mr. Gilmour after participating in a domain conference and observing that most domain owners were not optimizing the valuable traffic being generated by their domain names. The ParkLogic client platform was developed using, a well-known platforms for web services that is scalable, robust and secure. ParkLogic has now grown to manage over 1 million domain names, with millions of unique visitors each day. ParkLogic is known in the domain industry as an international domain management platform that treats domain names like financial securities.[2]

In 2010 the company established a partnership with DNForum which will help users registered within the latter benefit from the latest services available on the platform developed by ParkLogic.[3]

The Platform

The company created a CRM platform with the help of which responds to many of the users' needs. Among the high number of features that the platform has, the following are the most important:

  • The platform can send traffic to an affiliate program in a certain time length, when users are more active
  • Based on some criteria specified by the client, the platform releases some recommendations related to which domains the user should keep and which he should delete.
  • One of the most innovative features of the platform is the Domain Risk Index which compares the users' portfolio with the one of the industry and gives it a score from 0 for the high risk ones to 100 for the less riskier. [4]