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Country: Serbia
Email: tasmirjana [at] gmail.com
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Mirjana Tasic

Mirjana Tasić is an Executive Advisor in the RNIDS.

Career and Volunteer History

Over the last 26 years, she has volunteered on different project in the area of computer networking and Internet.

In the early ages of computer wide area networks, in the year 1988, she established an [European Academic and Research Network - EARN]] node she established in Belgrade (then Yugoslavia, now Serbia). EARN connection was used for e-mail exchange in Academic community in Europe and North America. This was first such node behind the Iron Curtain.

After that first experience, she was incurably infected with the new freedom offered in the world of open networking.

She was a member of the Technical Committee of Academic Network of Yugoslavia, and she actively participated in the introduction of internet in Serbia.

From the year 1992 she undertook necessary steps to get administration of .YU TLD. She administered .YU TLD from the year 1994 till the year 2008.

She was one of the organizers of the RNIDS founding assembly meeting on July 7, 2006. She has volunteered as acting director of RNIDS until the organization became capable to hire professional manager.

She planned and realized the transition from .YU TLD to .RS TLD.

She was a project manager in introducing .SRB IDN ccTLD for Serbia.

Mirjana volunteered in ICANN IDN variant TLD Program: Project (P2.1) - Procedure to Develop and Maintain the Label Generation Rules for the DNS Root Zone in Respect of IDNA Labels.

Mirjana is chairperson of Latin generation Panel since the year 2016.


She is interested in IDNs and Internet Governance.


She has the MEE degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia


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