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NPOV is an abbreviation for Neutral Point of View, which describes the way in which articles on this site and on all wiki sites should be written. We want our articles to not contain any bias or unverifiable facts and opinions. This line can often be hard to define; for example, on our site we often list the services of a given company, but we try to remove any marketing spin or unverifiable language that implies these services accomplish something that their competitors do not. Generally speaking, when opinions are stated as facts, or when unappealing facts are intentionally omitted, then the article is not written from an NPOV.

Here at ICANNWiki, we insist on including references and generally omit articles and sections that cannot be backed up by at least one verifiable reference.

We are constantly editing our articles to better adhere to our ICW Values and improve their status as neutral articles. If you have questions or comments regarding the given content on any page, please do not hesitate to email Jessica.

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