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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet
Founded: Munich 2014
Founder(s): Stefan Meinecke
Ownership: greenSec GmbH
Headquarters: Unterhaching, Munich
Country: Germany
Businesses: Data Provider
Email: mail [at] ntldstats.com
Website: ntldstats.com
Facebook: nTLDStats
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Key People
Stefan Meinecke, Owner

nTLDStats is a data provider that offers statistics and breakdowns for new gTLDs.


nTLDStats was created by Stefan Meinecke in March 2014 and provides detailed statistics on total registered domain names and domains registered through a specific registrar, among others.

In March 2014 the domain name blog TheDomains conducted an interview with the founder of nTLDStats, Stefan, to understand his motivation behind this project. [1]

Since May 2014, registries, registrants, and large domain holders have been able to update their information and maintain the accuracy of their data.[2]

In December 2015, the German domain name law blog Domain-Recht did an interview[3] with Stefan, which got translated later on.[4]

In May 2016 Denis Wisotzki was appointed COO.[5]

Products & Services

nTLDStats provides statistics and breakdowns about:

nTLDStats also provide an API. It is still in beta, but it provides access to most of the statistics and breakdowns.[6]

Additional to that, they provides a WHOIS validator to check any given new gTLD WHOIS output for compliance with the Registration Data Directory Service Specifications set throughout various ICANNs RAs.[7]


Even though nTLDStats became quite popular, there are still doubts that the provided statistics are accurate. The main reason for those divergences shown by competitors are different methods being used to determine statistics or excluding domain names as internal ones.[8]


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