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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2003
Founder(s): Ron James
Headquarters: California
Country: USA
Key People
Ron James, Owner/Web Master is one of the largest domain name forums for domain name buyers, web masters and website developers.[1] It has more than 58,000 registered members with an average of more than 14,000 posts per week. The company conducts live domain auctions once a week via NamePros Domain Marketplace.


Ron James established in February, 2003 and merged with Web Design Talk, a popular web design community in December of the same year, thereby expanding the topic discussed in the community with web development topics.[2]


Registered members are able to do the following activities on the website:[3]

  • Post domains for sale or for free appraisals.
  • Private message and conduct business with other domain owners and webmasters.
  • View member-only forum areas such as 'Legal Issues' and 'Expired Domains' (NOT visible to Google, Yahoo or any search engines).
  • Free access to the websites searchable archives spanning more than 8 years and 4 million forum posts.


NamePoint System (NP$) - is a popular feauture of It is used as a currency by community members as a no-fee alternative to PayPal on small value transactions. Each NamePoint is worth 2 cents USD. The "NP$ Exchange" allows users to trade in their NP$ for USD via PayPal.[4]

Business Directory provides a business directory for B2B Marketplace, Domain Brokerage, Domain Management, Domain Marketplace, Domain Name Coupons, Domain Parking, Domain Registration, Graphic Design, Marketing Blog, Scripts, SEO Services, Text Links, Web Design, Web Hosting, WHOIS Services etc.[5]