Ndongo Diao

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Country: Senegal
Email: ndongo.diao [at] artp.sn
Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 42 - Senegal playing card deck

Ndongo Diao is the General Manager of the ARTP. Diao has been with ARTP since 2009, and his responsibilities include making sure that ISPs in Senegal are respecting their commitments and offering quality service and an affordable price to the country's population, as well as planning the development of communication technologies in the country. He attended ICANN Singapore in order to prepare himself and his staff for hosting ICANN Senegal, and to attend the GAC Meeting.[1]

Fun Fact

Diao's lucky number is 9, for the following reasons: he was born on 9/9, he first met the President of Senegal on 9/9/2000, and he was appointed by the President of Senegal to his current position on 9/9/2009.[2]

Special Caricatures

Ndongo was featured as the King of Hearts in the Senegal Playing Card Deck.



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