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Country: Malaysia
Email: ana[at]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Norsuzana Harun

Norsuzana Binti Harun is the Senior Manager of Operations at Malaysia's national registry, .my Domain Registry.[1] She also acts as the Technology and Innovation Department Manager,[2] and has generally been working in senior management positions for 10 years.[3]

She is currently leading IDN deployment operations, and the production of second-level IDNs. She gave a presentation on .my's IDN implementation at ICANN 41 in Singapore. She is involved in ICANN's IDN Working Group.[4][5]

Industry Related Work

Ms. Norsuzana has served as the co-chairman of the Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force from 2008 to 2010.[6] She has also been a part of APTLD's Board of Directors since 2010; she is set to serve through 2012.[7] She also participates in INET,[8] APNIC,[9] APTLD,[10] and ICANN meetings[11], where she represents .my Domain Registry. She also participates in workshops as a trainer.[12][13]

.my Registry

Since Ms. Harun has joined .my registry, the organization has successfully launched

  • DNS IPv6-enabled registry system in November 2008
  • Anycast root server in May 2008
  • ENUM closed testbed in November 2009
  • DNSSEC public trial in December 2009.

Recently, she has been working to implement DNSSEC in Malaysia.

From 2009 to 2010, she was appointed as .my Domain Registry's Acting Deputy Director,[14] she continued to perform her responsibilities in her own position as a Manager.[15]


She has a Master of Science from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and a Bachelor of Computer Science from University Technology Malaysia (UTM).[16]

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