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Country: Netherlands
Email: kolkman [at] isoc.org
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   Kolkman at ISOC
Blog: https://social.secret-wg.org/@olaf
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   Olaf Kolkman
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Olaf Kolkman is a Senior Advisor to and spokesperson for the Internet Society and was the Director of NLnet Labs until 2014. He had been serving in this position since 2006. Olaf is also an active IETF participant. He has chaired the Internet Architecture Board and working groups. He is currently co-chairing the Web Extensible Internet Registration Data Service (WEIRDS) working group.[1]

Career History

Prior to joining NLnet Labs, Olaf worked with RIPE NCC. From April 1997 until April 1998, Scientific Programmer working with a test-traffic project. From April 1998 until December 2000 he served as Operations Manager for the department that operated the RIPE DNS infrastructure, including the K root-server, and in 2000 he became a Systems Architect and Project Manager responsible for DNSSEC deployment.[2]

Earlier in his career, Kolkman worked as a Unix System Administrator at NetHold from February 1996 until April 1997, and as a Scientific Administrative Assistant at ASTRON from April 1992 until July 1993.[3]

Kolkman was a member of the IAB from March 2006 until March 2012, and from March 2007 until March 2011 served as its Chair. In 2011, he was Acting RFC Series Editor. He has been active in the IETF since March 1998.[4]


Olaf worked on a Ph.D. project on "The interaction between star formation and the interstellar medium in M31 and M33." when is prime attention shifted towards Internet technology around 1996 .[5]