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Country: USA
Email: oliver [at] cooleremail.com
LinkedIn: link=Oliver Ortiz   [Oliver Ortiz Oliver Ortiz]

Oliver Ortiz is one of Founders of NeutralSpace and has been involved in the development of previous versions of ICANNWiki.[1]

He is currently living and working in Portland, OR. Oliver has more than 9 years of experience in Internet marketing and web development, and he is currently the Director of Strategic Relations for NeutralSpace and is responsible for revenue growth and strategic partnerships.


Oliver is an entrepreneur who has had many successful ventures. As a private consultant he has assisted with strategic development and sales for Cooler Email, an email marketing platform with over 10,000 companies actively using their software worldwide.

As an investor Oliver helped successfully create and launch Rumblefish Inc. a local branding and music publishing company. Oliver also co-founded a series of successful startups including ORBIKE.com, Innovative Sports, Globo Cash, Oregon Pacific, and Its Not Smoke Inc.