Open Root Server Network

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Type: Private
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2002
Facebook: Open Root Server Network
Key People
Paul Vixie

The Open Root Server Network (ORSN) was a set of additional DNS servers for use in Europe. ORSN was started in February, 2002 and was shut down at the end of 2008.[1] ORSN was operated independently from ICANN but the root zone information was normally kept in synchronization with that of the network coordinated by ICANN.

ORSN was primarily started to reduce the over dependence of Europe on the USA and ICANN. Given that ICANN was primarily dominated by the USA, so ORSN was formed to avoid a possible Internet shutdown in Europe.[2]

Paul Vixie, the main designer of the Bind DNS server, was a high-profile proponent of the ORSN.[3] You can read his explanation of his support here.

ORSN Root Servers

ORSN operated 13 root servers which were primarily placed in Europe.

  • Celox GmbH- Frankfurt, Germany
  • Funkfeuer- Vienna, Austria
  • KEVAG Telekom GmbH- Koblenz, Germany
  • Cyberlink Internet Services AG- Zurich, Switzerland
  • TRIERA Broadband- Maribor, Slovenia
  • Zen Systems ApS- Lyngby, Denmark
  • NFSi- Soluções Internet, Lda Leiria, Portugal
  • Init Seven AG- Zurich, Switzerland
  • ALET.IT -Pisa, Italy
  • ASDA- Athens, Greece
  • Titan Networks Netherlands BV- Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Paul Vixie- San Jose, California, United States
  • Home of the Brave GmbH- Frankfurt, Germany

The Shutdown

Paul Vixie has stated that the lack of supporters willing to help with the technical expertise required to implement the DNSSEC key possession for ORSN the cause for the shutdown of ORSN. He also states that, "during the last months/years the interest of our team shifted and we could no longer fulfill our goal of providing innovation."[4]