Operational Consultations

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A key element of ICANN's accountability and transparency is the operational consultation, which provides an opportunity to learn more about a topic and give feedback on it to the appropriate ICANN staff member.[1]

The current operational consultation topics include:

Topic Contact
Authorization Process for Release of Two-Character ASCII Labels Russ Weinstein
Registry Service Evaluation Process (RSEP) Russ Weinstein
Request for Specification 13 to the Base Registry Agreement Russ Weinstein
Request for exemption to the Code of Conduct (COC) of the Base Registry Agreement Russ Weinstein
Registry Agreement (RA) Termination Russ Weinstein
Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Negar Farzinnia
RDS, formerly WHOIS, Review Negar Farzinnia
Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Negar Farzinnia
Address Supporting Organization Review Lars Hoffmann
Accountability and Transparency Review Lars Hoffmann
At-Large Review Lars Hoffmann
ccNSO Review Lars Hoffmann
GNSO Review Lars Hoffmann
NomCom Review Lars Hoffmann
RSSAC Review Lars Hoffmann
SSAC Review Lars Hoffmann
IANA Stewardship Implementation Trang Nguyen