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Type: Government
Industry: Internet
Founded: UK, 1996
Headquarters: Fry Building,
2 Marsham Street,
Country: UK
Email: enquiries [at] npia.pnn.police.uk
Website: npia.police.uk
Key People
Temporary Chief Constable Nick Gargan, Chief Executive

Paul Minton, Chief Operating Officer
David Horne, Director of NPIA Resources
Tom McArthur, Director of Operations
Angela O'Connor, Chief People Officer

PITO was a Non-Departmental Public Body supporting the UK police and other criminal justice organizations in reducing crime and in administering justice more effectively by providing information and communication technology solutions, either directly or through contracts with suppliers. PITO helps the police service get the best value for the goods and services they buy by setting up collective procurement arrangements.[1]

PITO receives a grant-in-aid from the Home Office, Police, Probation, Immigration, and other services. It also earns money by charging for its services.

Some of the prominent projects of PITO include IDENT1 and NAFIS. NAFIS was replaced by IDENT1 and they were the national fingerprint database.


PITO was formed in 1996 and it became a Non-Departmental Public Body in 1997.[2]

PITO recieved the ISO 9001 certification in 2006 for it's business practices and procedures.[3]

In April 2007, PITO was replaced by the National Policing Improvement Agency.[4]


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