Paul Ebersman

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Organization: Neustar
Affiliation: SSAC
Region: North America
Country: USA

Paul Ebersman works for Neustar as a principal engineer & DNS architect and is a member of ICANN's SSAC and the RSSAC Caucus.

Career History

Before working for Neustar, Ebersman worked at Comcast as a DNS architect and as a technical resource on DNS/DHCP/IPv6. Ebersman worked on the internet for the Air Force in 1984, supporting TCP/IP and OSI networks. He was part of UUNET and helped build AlterNET and the modem network used by MSN, AOL, and Earthlink.[1]

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Ebersman is active in DNS-OARC, NANOG, IETF, and ICANN.