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Country: Thailand
Email: pensri [at]
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Pensri Arunwatanamongkol is the .th Technical Contact at THNIC Foundation,[1] Board Member at the Thai Webmaster Association, and the Managing Director at DotArai Co., Ltd.[2] Mrs. Arunwatanamongkol serves as the Vice President at Thailand Research and Education Network Association[3] and the Secretariat at APAN.[4] She also represents THNIC in the ccNSO.[5]

From 1990 to 2005, she was a Research Specialist at Asian Institute of Technology.[6]

Meetings and Conferences

She actively attends APNIC,[7] ISOC, APTLD, APRICOT,[8] and ICANN Meetings. She has attended a Global ccTLD/wwTLD meeting, the Asia Pacific Internet Forum on the White Paper (IFWP-AP) meeting, and the international workshop on PANGAEA.[9][10]


She holds a M.Eng in Computer Science from the Asian Institute of Technology and B.Eng in Computer Science from Chulalongkorn Mahawitthayalai.[11] She attended the ACRP Course in 2008.[12]



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