Peter Janssen

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Affiliation: EURid
Email: peter.janssen[at]

Peter Janssen is the CTO of EURid, where he has been since 2006. His most recent projects and responsibilities have focused on the development and launch of .eu's new open source name server, YADIFA. He is involved in the technical side of ICANN and similar organizations, such as RIPE CENTR. ICANN activities include the ccNSO tech day, DNSSEC meetings, and other technical fora.[1] He unveiled the new DNS server, YADIFA, at ICANN 44 in Prague.[2] Mr. Janssen says that it was security concerns that caused EURid to develop YADIFA (Yet Another Domain Implementation For All), given that it was safer to run 3 DNS servers as opposed to its previous BIND and NSD servers. By building the YADIFA server from scratch Peter Janssen says that it was able to build the safest possible server.[3]

Mr. Janssen joined the Belgian national registry in 2000 as its technical director, and was responsible for the libearlisation of the ccTLD in the same year.[4]