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Industry: Internet
Ownership: InterNetWire
Headquarters: Munich
Country: Germany
Key People
Andreas Schreiner, Managing Director
Peter Hupfauer, Managing Director & COO
Christian Meister, Sales Director is a subsidiary of InterNetWire Communications GmbH. is dedicated to providing consultancy, technical and infrastructure services for entities interested in applying for new generic top level domain names (gTLDs).[1]


The company provides Registry Services, which enable gTLD operators to manage domain name registrations easily and provides best practices for system and data security and other services required by ICANN;[2] Technical Registry Services, which include provisions for a reliable Registration System for domain names, Data Escrow Services for domain name data back-ups, IP Clearinghouse, Billing, Whois Services, Registrar API (EPP), Registrar Webinterface, Registrar Testing Environment, and DNS provisioning; [3] and Operational Services, which include ICANN operations and reporting, Registrar support and liaison, Data Escrow in compliance with ICANN requirements, registry website and support for domain owners.[4]

The company partnered with Mücke Sturm & Company, one of the leading consultancy firms in Germany, to be able to provide its clients with complete TLD application services.[5]

Awards was nominated Best Registrar by Eco Awards in 2011 and recognized as one of the Top Three Best Registrar Services.[6]