Restena Foundation

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Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Coudenhove Kalergi, 6

1359 Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg

The Restena Foundation, formerly written as RESTENA, is the organization which manages the .lu ccTLD for Luxembourg. In addition to managing the ccTLD, its core mission is to provide network services for all public and private institutions involved in the field of education, research, culture, health, and administration.[1]

Restena was launched in 1989 by the country's Ministry of Education, in order to respond to the communications requirements of the education and scientific research communities. In 1992, the Restena network was connected to the Internet, and was granted authority for the .lu domain by the IANA. In 2000, an independent structure, the Restena Foundation was created.[1][2]


A quick timeline of Restena is as followsː[1]

  • 1992ː The responsibility for the management of .lu is delegated to RESTENA
  • 1998ː The registry is a co-founding member of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Name Registries (CENTR)
  • 2000ː 10,000 domain names are registered under .lu
  • 2001ː Liberalization of the registration policy and implementation of the Official Domain Name Charter as a result of a close collaboration between the registry and private and public actors of the Luxembourg Internet community
  • 2005ː 20,000 domain names are registered under .lu
  • 2006ː Establishment the the registry - registrar model
  • 2008ː 40,000 domain names are registered under .lu
  • 2009ː Revision of the Domain Name Charter
  • 2010ː 50,000 domain names are registered under .lu
  • 2010ː ̈Introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and DNSSEC


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