Roma TLD

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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet/Registry
Founder(s): Massimo Ralli
Headquarters: Rome
Country: Italy
Email: [info[at]
Key People
Massimo Ralli, President

Roma TLD S.r.l. is a company based in Rome owned by entrepreneurs engaged in domain industry. The company is proposing the inclusion of the .roma geographical TLD in the root zone of the internet domain name system (DNS) through the New gTLD Program of ICANN. The company is also seeking to serve as the registry operator of the .roma domain name space. Massimo Ralli is the main proponent of the .roma TLD and he is the president of the company. Roma TLD is a member of the DotCities Initiative. [1]

In an interview, Ralli explained that the .roma TLD will provide a unique opportunity to represent the City of Rome internationally through its own online space. He said, "A .ROMA domain name will ensure roman residents, companies and organizations a part of the future of the Internet; it will be a link between Romans and the world, uniting and identifying everyone who cares about Rome." He also said that a portion of the revenue generated from selling .roma domain names will be contributed for the continuous development of the City of Rome.[2]

In August 2009, the company entered a partnership agreement with Minds + Machines to manage the .roma TLD. Both companies created the Minds + Machines Italia, which will serve as the registry operator of the .roma domain name space. Ralli became the CEO of Minds + Machines Italia.[3]