Somali Network Information Centre

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General Information
Industry: registry
Country: Somalia
Headquarters: Hamarweine, Mogadishu


Email: info [at]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Somali Network Information Centre
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@dotsomalia
Mr. Mohamed Ali CEO

Somali Network Information Centre (SONIC) is the registry operator for Somalia's .so ccTLD,[1] which maintains the database of names registered in the .so country code Top Level Domain.

SONIC is responsible for the administration of the domain namespace for the country code of Somalia (.so), which serves the .so national resource in the public interest of Somalia and global internet communities.[2]

After a long absence, the .so domain was officially relaunched on November 1, 2010, by .SO Registry, which is regulated by the nation's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. It was launched through various accredited registrars around the world.

On March 9, 2018, SONIC began being regulated by Somalia's newly established telecom regulator, The National Communications Authority (NCA).[3]

SONIC Mandate

SONIC is mandated to

  • Comply with international best practices in the administration and management of the entire .so namespace;
  • Act as the .so domain administrative and technical contact;
  • Administer the .so ccTLD and its second level domains;
  • Enhance public awareness of the economic and commercial benefits of Domain Name Registration;
  • Publish guidelines on the requirements and procedures for domain name registration;
  • Represent .so in all International forums; and
  • Comply with all global ICANN Internet policies and help in their development.


The .so domain is an Open Use ccTLD, with no registration restrictions at the top level.

These second level domains can be registered without restriction.

  • is for commercial entities and registered trademarks.
  • is for Internet-related services (ISPs, web hosting, portal sites, etc.).
  • is for non-profit organizations.

Three second level domains require documentation establishing that the registrant is either a University ( or government entity ( within Somalia.