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GMO Registry

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It is one of two applicants for [[.osaka]]. GMO Registry is listed as the applicant on 8 new gTLD applications and is the Registry Provider for 27 applications.<ref>[ Application Status Search,]Retrieved 11 Sept 2013</ref><ref name="gmo">[ Did GMO Flunk Evaluation on 27 gTLDs? - Domain Incite]Retrieved 11 Sept 2013</ref>
==Services<ref name=":0">[ GMO Registry]</ref>==
* ''' TLD (Top Level Domain) Registry Operations and Management'''
Management, operation and sales of TLDs for which GMO Registry is the Registry Operator; .shop, .tokyo, .nagoya, .yokohama
Management, operation and support for ccTLDs including Indonesia ccTLD, .id
== History <ref name=":0" /> ==
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|July 2009

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