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Multidisciplinary researcher based in Southeast Asia working mostly on remote.
Hazwany Jamaluddin is a multidisciplinary researcher based in Southeast Asia working mostly on remote. She is a research associate at [ DataViz My Sdn Bhd]. For more than two years, she has invested her time in working on various grounds of applied research and data strategies with private companies, non-profits and public institutions. Particularly focusing on data and internet governance, and capacity building through workshops. Currently, she is a volunteer writer for [ Open and Shut] for [ Small Media] and a member of [ Open Heroines]. Prior to DataViz My, she was a project consultant for [ Sinar Project], a facilitator for [ Youth For Rights Asia], and a fellow of [ Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2017]. While working with Sinar Project, she has served her times the Global Open Data Index Regional Community Coordinator with [ Open Knowledge International] in 2015 and 2016. Currently, she holds a Bachelor in Science (HONS) Mathematics with Statistics from the [ University of Selangor].
Her work portfolio can be seen here:


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