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Farzaneh Badii

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She holds a PhD from Hamburg University, Germany.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki - ICANN 54 Intake Form, Oct 2015</ref>
- An interesting story: Many have asked me why I spell my name differently in different places: Badii v. Badiei. When I was 15 I had set up most of my online nicknames and IDs and email addresses as Badii, how I like my family name to be spelled. But since Farsi script is different from latin I did not have an official family name written in latin until I got my passport and despite having clearly written how I wanted Badii to be spelled, the officials disagreed with me! So now I have my family name written differently in my passport and most of my online nicknames are spelled the way I want it, except the ones that have to be official. That's nation states for you! Some officer ... changed my name ... forever! But the Internet allowed me to spell it the way I wanted!

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