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Jennifer Gore

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'''Jennifer Gore (Standiford)''' is an industry veteran, having participated in 40+ [[ICANN]] meetings, and one of the most historically involved females in the domain industry. She is currently the Senior Director of Policy for [[]]. As a long-time member of the ICANN community, Jennifer Gore has been involved in a number of supporting groups and constituencies, former Vice Chair of the [[Registry Stakeholder Group|Registrar Stakeholder Group]] and a current GNSO Council Member<ref></ref>.
Ms. Gore was responsible for developing the first hosting solutions used by [[Network Solutions]], which was the original manager of the [[.com]] and other TLD registries. When Network Solutions was acquired by [[Verisign]], Jennifer continued on through the acquisition and managed the Verisign Naming Services Channel Partners, which represented over 90% of worldwide registered domains. She has also been a principal general manager of the corporate brand domain management business within Verisign. Other experience in the IT industry includes time as a Senior Manager at UUNET, Nextel, MCI and Level 3 Communications.<ref>[]</ref>

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