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Anand Raje

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Raje worked on large scale e-governance G2C, G2G problem statements for various government departments and enterprises. Researched and applied optimized algorithms for cryptographic framework implementations. Raje's professional experience encompasses technology consulting to enterprises, governments, law enforcement agencies, Internet Services organizations, Internet Exchange Points, Academia & Research Institutions. His leadership experience blends with technology innovations and an interest in volunteering for societal causes and capacity development.<ref name="intake">ICANNWiki - ICANN 55 Intake Form, 2016 March. Retrieved 2016 April 7.</ref><ref name="linkedin">[ Anand Raje],</ref>
Raje is an experienced Network Security trainer, panelist, and speaker<ref>[] AICTE SPONSORED 6-DAYS SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAM ON BUSINESS ANALYTICS. Retrived 2020 March 10</ref>, who holds a Master of Computer Science Degree, as well as multiple IT, Network security, and Privacy certifications, such as DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP.<ref name="linkedin"></ref>
[[ICANN 55]] in Marrakech, Morocco was Raje's first [[ICANN Meetings|ICANN Meeting]] at which he was an [[ICANN Fellow]]. He is Chair Kolkata Chapter of [[ISOC]].<ref name="intake"></ref> He was also selected for and completed [[Internet Society]]'s Next Generation Leaders program.<ref name="linkedin"></ref>

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