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| headquarters = Cologne, Germany<br />Cambridge, MA, USA<br/>London, UK
| products = SedoMLS
| employees = 150130
| website = []
| facebook = [ Sedo]
| twitter = sedo
| you tube = []
| keypeople = [[Michael Robrock]] <small>CEO Sedo GmbH,MB member InternetX InterNetX Holding AG<br></small>[[Hakan Ali]] <small>Chief Sales Strategy Officer<br></small>
[[Paul Martin Fawell]] <small>General Manager, Managing Director of North America<br></small>
[[Barbara Stolz]] <small>Chief Financial Officer<br></small>
[[Andreas Schmid]] <small>Head of Product Management<br></small>
[[Christian Voß]] <small>Chief Marketing Officer</small><br>
|logo=[[File:Sedo Logo RGB.jpg|thumb]]}}
'''Sedo''', which stands for '''S'''earch '''E'''ngine for '''D'''omain '''O'''ffers, is a [ domain name marketplace] and [ domain parking provider]. Sedo was founded in Germany in 2001, and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany with an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has 150 employees from more than 25 countries and 2 million customers with over 19 million domain names for sale. Five million domains are parked via Sedo's parking program <ref>[]</ref>
Sedo is a subsidiary company of the [ Sedo InterNetX Holding AG] under the German company [[United_Internet | United Internet]] AG. The company is registered in the United States as LLC.<ref>[ Our Story]</ref>
==Products and Services==
According to its official website, Sedo provides [ domain name buying] and [ selling services] through [ search], [ auction], [ catalog], [ brokerage], etc. It also provides domain parking, domain appraisal, domain transfer, and [ partner programs], etc.<ref>[ Sedo Unveils Full Suite of Services,]</ref>
===New gTLD Services===
Sedo has a number of services for the registries created through [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]:
* Outstanding technical support with its SedoMLS testbed and dedicated tech support team making SedoMLS implementation simple and user-friendly
===Domain Parking===
* Users earn revenue on more than 4 five million domains while simultaneously promoting those domains for sale
* Domain owners and advertisers are matched to generate profit for both sides
* Domain owners gain access to the advertising industry, while advertisers appreciate the controllable and quantifiable return on investment
===Brokerage Services===
* Domain acquisition assistance for both buyers and brokerage representation for sellers
* On average we assist more than 1232,000 businesses and individuals annually to acquire their desired domains
* Premium domain names brokered through Sedo include,,,,, and, as well as, the highest value domain sale to date.
===Sales Figures & Prominent Sales===

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