Marius Würzner

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Affiliation: Sedo
Country: Germany
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Marius Würzner (also Wuerzner) is a co-founder and the COO of Sedo GmbH. As COO, Marius' duties range from managing trainees, customer support, and the domain transfer department. He also liases with Jeremiah Johnston in the North American branch to manage the legal department.[1]

Past Work

Marius was one of the original founders of Sedo, which started as a group project between Marius, Ulrich Priesner, and Tim Schumacher in 1999. Sedo GbmH was founded in Cologne, Germany, by the trio, along with Ulrich Essmann, in 2001. After the company was founded, Marius left for a several month period in order to finish his studies.[2]


Würzner studied History and Philosophy at the University of Freiburg.[3]


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