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{{TLD||logo =
[[File:LogoCAM.jpg|75px|thumbnail200px|center|Logo dotcam]]
|status = Delegated
|manager =
|community =
|priority = 429 - [ AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.]
|keypeople email =| website = []| facebook = []| linkedin = []| twitter = dotCAMregistry
*[[AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.]] - The contact person is [[Nicolas Caumette]] Andrei Dimitriu (dotcaminfo@acwebconnectingnic.comcam). All information available on [].
== History ==
Initially, there were 3 applicants : [[Demand Media]] (United TLD|United TLD Holdco Ltd.), [[Famous Four Media]] (dot Agency Limited) and [ AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.].[[Verisign]] submitted a separate [[String Confusion Objection]] to the [[ICDR]] against each of the applicants for .cam, on the basis that Internet users would confuse the string with the popular [[.com]] string. In two of the three objections submitted, the panelist assigned to the case ruled in favor of the applicant, meaning the objection was dismissed. However, [[Verisign]] prevailed in the objection against [[Demand Media]]'s application. [[Demand Media]] appealed the decision and finally won. After an auction process, [ AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.]remained the sole applicant for the new gTLD.
== Pioneers ==
* [ Davos Klosters Resort] Webcams are available directly on [ '''''']
* [ DEVISUBOX], European leader for jobsite supervision use [ ''''''] to display its main projects
* [ Light Labs Inc.], the innovative 16 eyes cameras manufacturer use [ ''''''] to show its camera in action
* [ ''''''] is a social platform that facilitates your communication, by bringing all social media to the same place.
See other examples of '''.CAM''' websites on [].
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