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| logo = neustarlogo.png
|partnersponsor = [[Sponsorship|ICANNWiki Partner]]
| type = Public (NSR on NYSE)
| industry = [[Registry]], [[DNS]], Information Services
| linkedin =
| twitter = Neustar
|userbox = {{Template:UBX-CARDSTNT}}
| keypeople =[[Lisa Hook]], President and CEO<br>
[[Paul Lalljie]], Senior VP and CFO <br>
[[Scott Blake Harris]], Senior VP and General Counsel<br>
[[Judy Song-Marshall]], Director of Marketing, Registry Services<br>
[[Gene Kearon]], Senior Channel Relationship Manager<br>
[[Marco Bernardi]], Director International Industry Relationships<br>
[[Fernando Espana]], Sr. Mgr. Registrar Relations Asia Pacific & Latin America<br>
[[Samantha Frida]], Sr. Partner Relations Manager<br>
[[Becky Burr]], Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy General Counsel<br>
[[Ted Prince]], Senior VP of Media and New Ventures

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