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Neustar Domain Name Registry Services operates the global [[registry]] for [[.us]], [[.biz]] and [[.co]]; in addition, it provides back-end registry services for [[.tel]] and [[.travel]], gateway services to [[ccTLD|country code top level domains]] (ccTLDs), [[IDN|internationalized domain names]] (IDNs), and full registry services to [[New gTLD Program|new top level domains]].<ref>[ Domain Name Registry Services,]</ref>
On July 30, 2015, Neustar acquired Bomboro Bombora Technologies, including its' subsidiary ARI Registry. After this acquisition, Neustar expanded its registry services to include over 300 new TLDs.<ref>[ Press Release] </ref>
Neustar's registry is connected to over 250 domain name [[registrar]]s worldwide.<ref>[ Neustar Announces DNSSEC For us and biz,]</ref>
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